Microsoft has updated Android Launcher with many expected features
Microsoft has updated Android Launcher with many expected features

Microsoft released the Android app Launcher 6, which greatly improved the visual interface, performance and many other functions.

The new update contains a new design with application icons, dark mode support and daily background functions provided by Microsoft (Bing) search engine. It also comes with customizable icons now also suitable for landscape orientation.

The American software giant said in an article: The sixth version of the Launcher app offers a customized newsletter that is updated throughout the day. In addition, performance is improved regularly. For example, due to the new code base, reduce download speed and battery consumption.

Since Microsoft's Android launcher app has always been an exciting experience, the app has been pulled out of the market due to disappointment from the competing Android system from Google and iOS from Apple. Operating systems for mobile devices.

The American software giant wants to get a foothold in the world's largest operating system with its launcher app and provides the opportunity to investigate the integration of the Windows experience into Android.

The latest update is now Microsoft's most ambitious step towards Android, as Android will launch from Surface Surface Duo.

Microsoft launched Surface Du phone last year and announced plans to launch the device before the end of 2020. It appears that the new launcher app is a test of some aspects of the device aesthetics, especially when it comes to incorporating the horizontal effects of dual-screen (Service Duo).

You can download the Launcher app for Android from the Play Store or download and install it manually here.

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