Microsoft stops producing Xbox One S Digital and Xbox One X
Microsoft stops producing Xbox One S Digital and Xbox One X

Microsoft has officially stopped producing completely digital versions of the Xbox One S game console and Xbox One X.

A spokesman for the American software giant said in a statement to The Verge: "With further development for Xbox Series X, we will of course stop producing the digital version (Xbox One S)." He added that Xbox One X will continue to manufacture and sell Xbox One S platform throughout the world. "

After reports of hardware shortages (Xbox One X) and (Xbox One S) in the past few weeks, Microsoft has released this announcement, especially after increased demand for Microsoft gaming platforms from the United States. And Sony in Japan.

Although Microsoft will stop producing digital versions of Xbox One S and Xbox One X, inventory may still be available with some retailers in the coming months. "Players can inquire from local retailers for more detailed information on Xbox One availability," a company spokesman said.

It should be noted that Microsoft launched the Xbox OneX platform in November 2017 when it was considered the "most powerful gaming platform in the world". In April 2019, the Xbox One S digital edition was released as a CD version of the Xbox One S platform, and Microsoft released it as part of a monthly subscription of $ 19.99. For Xbox All Access. Also includes access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Microsoft plans to continue offering Xbox All Access subscriptions when Xbox X Series X is released later this year and offers subscribers the option to upgrade to the new console. The company is also expected to launch a cheaper version of the Xbox Sense X platform.

There are also rumors that Microsoft is preparing to launch a cheap version of the platform next month. Earlier reports stated that the company was originally planning to launch the platform in June last year. Platform can be named (Xbox SIRS) and games must be selected precisely. 1080 pixels / 1440 pixels.

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