Microsoft removes a useful Windows feature
Microsoft removes a useful Windows feature

Microsoft can bother users of its operating system by removing useful functions from Windows.

Microsoft appears to be moving forward with its plan to remove useful tools from the traditional control panel, and users should use the Settings app first introduced by Windows 8.

This can bother a lot of people. In fact, using the integrated system found in the traditional control panel is very useful.

The app provides users with an overview of the computer, for example processor, installed RAM size, manufacturer and system type, and provides a quick link to the manufacturer's technical support site. the device.

The system part of the traditional Control Panel now takes you to the newly published Settings app (Windows 10 Build 20161), which is an earlier version of the next Windows 10 update that is right for you. Test it.

Microsoft generally responds poorly when removing the requested functionality, especially when deleted Windows functionality is useful. In this case, users can be forced to use the Settings app.

The Settings app was introduced by Windows 8, and like most other features of this OS, it is overridden because it's very simple and fragile compared to the old features of Windows.

In recent years, Microsoft has worked hard to improve the use of settings to make applications more useful in Windows 10.

It appears to be part of the software giant's plan to completely remove the traditional dashboard and replace it with fully applying settings in the future.

Although users have asked the company to simplify Windows 10 because two apps cannot provide the same functionality, Microsoft needs to ensure that the settings app can be fully launched before removing the traditional control panel.

Microsoft appears to be slowly moving jobs to the Settings app, which is still under development, for example B. This new step: The Settings app does not have an alternative page for the Other Power Settings function. ", Found in the traditional dashboard.

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