Netflix has over a billion downloads on Android
Netflix has over a billion downloads on Android

The Android OS version of the Netflix video service app has made great progress with over a billion downloads from the Google Play Store.

Although this number includes the number of previous app downloads on the phone, it is a large number compared to a number of other apps.

For comparison: Amazon Prime service (one of the most famous competitions) has between 10 and 500 million downloads, while the app (Hulu) has between 5 and 100 million downloads.

It should be noted that the new service (Disney Plus) + Disney is one of the fastest growing broadcast services with about 10 million downloads, but keeping in mind the location of the service and the time outside of service is only 8 months, so this number is important.

Netflix is ​​believed to have experienced massive growth worldwide due to the emergence of a coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, forcing people all over the world to stay at home and spend more time watching. In the final months of 2020. Even Netflix had to lower the standard broadcast resolution to meet the high demand for data traffic.

It is worth noting that (Netflix) is one of the most popular broadcasting services, especially for children. This prompted him to launch a number of new tools in April last year. Parents can use these tools to filter "what you see during service" use, including: The deletion function is very supportive.

The company has expanded parental control options for the Public Affairs Division and identified Netflix children's portals. One of these options is the ability to completely remove TV shows or movies from accounts that children watch, and inappropriate content for children is not displayed.

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