Twitter prohibits posting hate speech
Twitter prohibits posting hate speech

Twitter has updated its policies. Block links that promote hate speech, violence, hateful behavior, and close gaps in policy that allow users to spread hate speech and violent content.

Twitter has passed laws prohibiting the publication of obnoxious and violent messages in tweets, but the policy must be expanded to link content.

Therefore, users can avoid platform policies through content links. If the content links are posted directly, this violates the company’s rules.

With the new policy coming into effect on July 30, Twitter may prohibit sharing some URLs on its platform, and accounts that share this type of link will be blocked multiple times.

"Our goal is to block links in a way that is consistent with the removal of tweets that violate the rules," the company wrote in a statement.

In June this year, Twitter introduced a new feature requiring users to read the article before republishing it as an attempt to deal with fake news and misinformation during a coronavirus.

He also said he had prevented 170,000 accounts backed by Beijing from publishing misinformation about the Coronavirus.

The platform also helped write writing chat software and use fake accounts to manipulate discussions.

To prevent links to hate speech and violent content from being posted on social media platforms, Twitter displays a notification when you click or block the link. If they contain malicious links and spam, avoid sending them.

As per the updated policy, malicious links include links containing malware and try to search for them or not.

These links pose a serious risk of stealing personal information or damaging electronic devices, and unwanted links often mislead or disable your online experience.

This includes links that redirect people to unexpected destinations, manipulate active platforms, short URLs that lead people to content, and URLs that encourage harmful behavior.

If a Twitter user enters a banned link directly in a tweet or message, he receives an error message saying "You cannot complete this process because Twitter or its partners have determined that the link may be dangerous. More information see help".

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