Review OWC Express 4M2 4-Slot M.2 NVMe SSD
OWC Express 4M2 4-Slot M.2 NVMe SSD

Pinet power
Short and small. Large capacity. OWC Express 4M2 OWCTB3EX4M2SL Bcan be equipped with four easily accessible M.2 NVMe SSD slots that can be customized for any workflow with anti-vibration feet allowing for portrait or landscape orientation. Install up to 8 TB capacity with Thunderbolt 3 and enjoy an impressive performance of up to 2800MB / s. Express 4M2 is an award-winning, highly compressed digital horse with world-renowned OWC quality and integrated media.

Professionals like you can provide smaller and faster information
It's smaller and easier to install in workflows, studios, and stages. It has four easily accessible M.2 slots and is faster, so you can switch, upgrade or expand Express 4M2 for configuration and reconfiguration to meet any project's requirements.

Multiple workout
OWC Express 4M2 comes with OWC SoftRAID, which provides excellent RAID functionality in multiple drive bays. You can also use Windows Storage Spaces to add other 4M2 Express drives to your storage pool. Format and reconfigure needed space by combining multiple OWC Express 4M2 drives on Mac and Windows.

SoftRAID: Traditional opinions reversed
People generally think hardware RAID is better than software RAID, but we proved it isn't. We combine the power and capacity of OWC Express 4M2 with the powerful SoftRAID Engine. Enjoy impressive performance, multi-package features, advanced drive monitoring, email notifications, and downloadable updates. Then you will see the distance between the RAID and the device.

RAID and storage space
OWC Express 4M2 comes with SoftRAID Lite XT, which can be configured in RAID 0 or RAID 1 performance mode. Therefore, you can adapt Express 4M2 for speed or data redundancy. When you need more options, you can easily upgrade to add more features and RAID modes to suit your workflow needs.

OWC Express 4M2 also fully supports Windows workflow. Windows Storage Spaces allow you to bundle up to four NVMe M.2 SSDs to support all storage configuration options, including the ability to add another OWC Express 4M2 anytime to expand the storage suite, anywhere.
Review OWC Express 4M2 4-Slot M.2 NVMe SSD
OWC Express 4M2 4-Slot M.2 NVMe SSD

Infinitely configurable. Infinitely reconfigurable.
Customize Express 4M2 with up to four NVMe and RAID SSDs to suit your needs and connect them all with Thunderbolt 3 (the fastest and most flexible interface). The outstanding performance of Express 4M2 can help you get things done faster and faster, giving you more time to explore your creativity and develop your projects.

NVME SSD variable gaming performance
NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is a highly efficient communication interface protocol developed from the ground up that can properly leverage SSD and PCIe technology, as well as other high-performance communications buses. The result is faster and more efficient SSD storage. OWC Express 4M2 offers space for four NVMe SSDs.

Screen connector
Enjoy the flexibility of screen connectivity with the functional DisplayPort on the back of OWC Express 4M2. You don't have to worry about adapters or extra long cables. Simply connect your screen directly to Express 4M2 and turn it off.

Easy connection to Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2 systems
OWC Express 4M2 is fully backward-compatible with Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2. Use the power of Thunderbolt 3 to run at full speed, and refer to Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 when workflow requires connection compatibility. Add Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to your Thunderbolt 2 adapter with the appropriate Thunderbolt cable and you are good to go.

OWC Express 4M2 4-Slot M.2 NVMe SSD Specs
  • Supports four NVMe drives and an aluminum chassis with two Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • RAID is compact, portable, and lightweight for sustainable operational performance
  • Supports a capacity of up to 8 TB and a speed of up to 2800 MB / s
  • Thunderbolt is certified for Mac and Windows systems
  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty from the OWC

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