The electric car maker exceeds expectations
The electric car maker exceeds expectations

Electric car maker Tesla (Tesla) announced a profit in the second quarter as significant cost reductions and deliveries helped offset the closure of the corona virus.

According to the data, Tesla removed obstacles that prevented electric vehicle manufacturers from being included in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index.

Tesla exceeded expectations and made a fourth consecutive profit for the first time, a condition Tesla must fulfill to consider whether it could be included in major US equity indices.

The electric car manufacturer's net income was $ 104 million, sales were $ 6.04 billion, and expected sales were $ 5.37 billion.

This achievement is an important achievement for the CEO (Elon Musk). Investors questioned their mission to lead the global auto industry into an electric future and questioned the utility of Tesla. .

Musk announced that the electric car manufacturer will build its next facility near Austin, Texas.

He said: Cybertruck, Semi, Model 3 and Model Y cars are manufactured at the factory in Texas in eastern North America.

In addition to producing Model 3 and Y in western North America, the company also plans to produce Model S and X cars at an automobile factory in Fremont, California, specifically for all markets. .

Tesla has confirmed its goal so far to deliver at least 500,000 vehicles by the end of 2020, despite production stagnation due to orders from local authorities due to the nearly six-week closure of the California facility.

The company delivered more than 90,000 cars in the second quarter, exceeding analyst expectations. "Achieving this goal has become increasingly difficult, but delivering 500,000 vehicles by 2020 is still our goal," said Tesla.

Al-Musk pointed out that the real limit for the growth of electric car manufacturers is the manufacture of batteries at reasonable prices.

Reuters had announced earlier that Tesla would launch its new affordable, prototype 3 long battery in China later this year or early next year.

Based on market value, Tesla quickly became the world's largest car manufacturer and ushered in a new era in the global auto industry.

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