Samsung wireless charger sterilizes devices
Samsung wireless charger sterilizes devices

Samsung has announced a new 10-watt charger that can be used to fully charge the phone's battery and purify the device with ultraviolet light.

The company said: Although marketing materials have not been reported as potentially killing the new coronavirus that is causing the current global epidemic, UV rays can kill 99% of bacteria and bacteria.

News of the wireless charger was first published on the Samsung website in Thailand last week. The South Korean company released the product all over the world.

The product page is now available at Samsung, German and Romanian branches of Samsung at a price of 58.38 € in Germany.

At the time of this announcement, people were closely monitoring the spread of the Coruna virus.

Although from a scientific point of view, products that claim to clean your phone and kill viruses cannot guarantee safety and cannot replace hand-washing, concealment, and monitoring of hands. Social distance.

The company said, "Personal hygiene is more important than ever in the world today. To combat the spread of bacteria and bacteria, we introduce a new UV sterilizer with wireless charging."

UV sterilizer is manufactured by Samsung C & T, SMAPP partner.

The device will be available in select electronic stores and retail stores starting June. No matter where you are, users can clean their smartphones, headphones and glasses in 10 minutes.

Samsung has designed the device for a variety of device sizes, so you can sanitize many commonly used products.

UV sterilizer has a double lighting function that can be used to sterilize the top and bottom of the internal components. The device features a simple and elegant design that can be stored anywhere in the house.

The device is easy to use and has a button to activate or deactivate the UV function.

In addition, the machine stops automatically after 10 minutes to prevent damage to the device, and the UV sterilizer can also wirelessly charge the device at the same time.

It is worth noting that the Korean giant also offers free sterilization service (Galaxy Sanitizing) through the service center and shops in certain countries around the world, which depend on the use of UV cleaning devices.

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