Shoploop .. Google Video Shopping App
Shoploop .. Google Video Shopping App

Google has announced a new shopping app called Shoploop, a video shopping platform that allows you to discover, review and buy products in one place.

Google controls the online shopping market tightly through the Search Marketing division, a large advertising network, and many product reviews on the YouTube platform.

The research giant hopes to use its dominant site as the primary medium for online consumption.

(Shoploop) is basically similar to a social media platform based on product reviews and affiliate links. Users can save products for later review or follow content producers to get more content.

(Shoploop) The idea came after Google Research showed that people often follow certain shopping methods. Once they find something that catches people's attention, they look for reviews of real people on other platforms and then access the online store. Complete the purchase.

For this reason, the search giant has decided to merge all these aspects into one experience, thanks to a platform developed by the company's internal research and development department (region 120), so that Google Video Shopping aims to introduce new products in a consumer for 90 seconds. platform.

The app uses video as a major component so users can view product reviews without leaving the app. Shoploop videos let you discover new products in an interesting way.

Lux Bogari, general manager of Shoploop, said the experience is becoming more interactive, rather than just scrolling through images, titles and descriptions on traditional e-commerce sites.

"We are currently focusing on content manufacturers, distributors and online store owners in the cosmetic industry, such as cosmetics, skin care, hair and nails," Bujari said.

"We want to provide them with a platform where they can review and recommend products and help others shop directly with videos," he added.

Video shopping is becoming increasingly popular with consumers, and tech giants are also trying to keep up with its development, for example: Amazon runs a real-time streaming platform (Amazon Live) on its website.

Facebook entered this field by acquiring a startup (packagd) focused on video shopping, while the YouTube platform introduced new marketable ad layout and under-video purchase products. Instagram also has its own store.

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