Tencent is creating a new American game studio
Tencent is creating a new American game studio

Tencent Holdings, the largest Chinese company for social media and video games, opened a new studio in California this week with the hope of expanding its business outside of China.

According to Reuters, LigthSpeed ​​LA (Steve Martin), a former rock star veteran, will manage the studio and focus on developing and delivering AAA games, citing Light Speed ​​and Quantum Studios. Tencent Game Studio.

"We are entering a new era in gaming culture by combining world-class development with a stress-free work environment," Martin said in the statement. (Tencent) is trying to create a studio studio abroad to create global original content with attractive intellectual property.

This release is also the final step in the company's strategy to generate half of its overseas gaming sales, which accounted for 23% of online gaming sales in the fourth quarter. The company recently hired Halo 4's chief designer (Scott Warner) to lead another new studio that developed "Warriors Arena", "Call of Duty: Mobile" and other games with TiMi Studios. .

It should be noted that (Tencent) is also the owner of League of Legends Riot Games developer, then controls the majority stake in the famous game developer "Clash of Clans" Supercell.

It is also worth noting that the new studio hired talented creators from famous studios such as Rockstar Games, Sony VASG, Respawn Entertainment, 2K Games and Insomniac.

Tencent announced last week plans for more than 40 gaming products, from the mobile version of "Dungeon and Fighter" to the "Alloy Slug" mobile game, which is jointly developed by SNK Corp. It was developed. A multi-platform multi-platform Pokemon game has also been announced that can be played on Switch and mobile phones from the Japanese company Nintendo.

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