Google is testing support for Chrome 64-bit architecture to improve performance
Google is testing support for Chrome 64-bit architecture to improve performance

In November 2014, Google launched the first version of the Android OS that supports 64-bit architecture, Android 5 Lollipop. Since then, the company has launched more and more mobile phones with processors that support this architecture, and today almost all devices can run 64-bit programs.

Google Chrome does not yet support this version because it is still running (32 bit), which could lead to security and performance issues. With the change to the 85 version of the browser, this mode seems to change, as Android 10 and later phones automatically receive a new version of Chrome that supports build (64 bit).

AndroidPolice has indicated that fixed and beta versions of Chrome 84 and 83 browser versions continue to work on Android (32-bit), but 85 and 86 versions of Chrome Dev and Chrome Canary now support 64-bit architecture. ). Google confirmed this on the Chromium Bugs Tracker.

Compared to many Octane 2.0 standards, the 64-bit version offers better performance than the 32-bit version. The Android Police website may have other improvements to make Chrome 85 faster than Chrome 83 since all of these new builds need not be praised.

The website also indicated that some users mentioned that the beta version (Chrome 84) could also use the 64-bit build, and that Google could now test the new build on specific phones, most of which are made of Samsung OnePlus. Except for his cell phone (Pixel 4XL).

According to data released last April, 64-bit architecture support is unsatisfactory given that the total number of Android 10 phones does not exceed 8%. If Google complies with the Play Store laws requiring that all apps be upgraded to 64-bit on supported devices by August 1, 2021, we hope Google will be able to extend this system to previous versions of Android. Structural support. (Chrome 85) next August.

It should be noted that since 2017 Apple's iOS system no longer supports applications developed using structures (32-bit). You can download the Chrome development version and the Chrome Canary version from the Chrome browser in the Play Store, or you can download the first version here and another version here.

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