Tesla sets a new date for the launch of revolutionary battery
Tesla sets a new date for the launch of revolutionary battery

Tesla Motors Corporation announced plans to hold an annual investor meeting on Friday, which will be held in September at the Fremont plant in California.

The US company added in a statement that the September 22 meeting will also include the introduction of a cheap battery known as the General Battery (million battery miles). Have the car stop for a long time before stopping. long time.

Tesla CEO (Elon Musk) said last month: The general shareholders meeting will be held on September 15th. It was noted that it was originally scheduled on July 7 and then was postponed until the request was published. Later. Go home because of the coronavirus.

The battery was developed by Tesla in cooperation with the Chinese battery giant Amperex Technology and was partially designed by a battery expert appointed by Tesla CEO (Elon Musk).

It should be noted that Tesla is already a leader in the production of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, and it is expected to publish more information about the new technologies on the next battery day on September 22.

The mask company said to investors and analysts earlier this year that this information "will be liked and will be admired." The company originally planned to hold the event in April last year, but had to postpone the event until at least the end of May. Because of the epidemic virus (Covid-19). The company held a similar event in April 2019 focusing on autonomous driving technology.

The battery is expected to lower the cost per kilowatt hour (less than $ 100). This is the most used unit for measuring battery capacity in modern electric vehicles. Many experts believe that by achieving this goal, Tesla or other automakers can sell electric cars at the same price of cars that run on the same fuel, making them more affordable.

General Motors is also working hard to achieve this goal in cooperation with the South Korean battery manufacturer LG Chem, as the company participated in the EV Day, which took place in March last year, but it is not. The company must achieve its goals in the middle of the current decade.

Musk has hired experts to perform general tasks, such as: patents, and scientific work that qualifies them to develop next-generation batteries. Information about this information has been published regularly over the past year. Tesla has been funding the expert team since 2016. Tesla has acquired many companies that have contributed to the development of the batteries, such as b. Maxwell Technologies.

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