Facebook plans to block political ads
Facebook plans to block political ads

Bloomberg reported that Facebook plans to ban political ads on social media a few days before the US elections on November 3.

The report adds that the potential embargo has been examined since last fall and has not yet been finalized. This is one of the many options the company is studying, and a Facebook spokesperson said: The company has no comments on the report.

Stopping political ads can reduce the misleading election-related content that is spreading as people prepare to vote.

However, it is feared that the ban on advertising will harm election campaigns or limit the ability of candidates to fully respond to the latest news or information.

The social media company has been criticized for its policies that allow politicians to place false ads. Mark Zuckerberg said last fall that he strongly defended his company's stance: Banning political advertising is not a good idea.

Last year, Twitter (along with its youngest competitor on Facebook) banned the publication of political ads, but Facebook confirmed that it did not want to suppress political rhetoric.

Last month, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden sent an open letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg asking the company to search for politicians two weeks before the election. Advertising.

Rob Flaherty, Biden's digital director, noted in a tweet posted on Twitter that there was a problem with misinformation about unpaid content on the site.

He said on Twitter: "We have to remember that Facebook problems relate to 80% of unpaid content, which means that whatever the platform does with paid content should distract you."

Neil Thomas, chief of technology at the National Democratic Council, responded to a possible ban on political advertising, saying: "Banning the ad is not a real solution to overcoming Facebook."

She said, "The Twitter ban and restrictions imposed by Google on political ads targeting voters make it difficult to talk about popular campaigns for voters, and social media platforms must deal with misleading information without eliminating the increase." Voter turnout. The main tool. "

In recent weeks, Facebook has angered staff and lawmakers for their decision not to take action against President Donald Trump's release.

More than 900 advertisers signed a Facebook boycott organized by civil rights organizations to suppress the world's largest social network. After the death of George Floyd, he took concrete steps to prevent hate speech and misleading information.

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