The worm game is updated 21 years after its release
The worm game is updated 21 years after its release

The popular game Worms Armageddon, developed by video game development company (Team17), has undergone a massive upgrade that can be played on modern devices. The update contains 370 corrections, 45 changes and 61 new posts.

The new update comes 21 years after the end of Worm World on PC in 1999.

Worm, first released in 1995, is a role-playing tactical game. The idea is to become a traditional cannon game, but worms are used instead of tanks.

The game is famous for the strange weapons it collects and culminates when it was released in 1999 (Worms Armageddon). The game was originally an extended version of (Worms 2).

Worms Armageddon helped the series quickly reach new heights, and after success on the computer, the game reached every aspect of (Dreamcast) to (Game Boy Color) and had varying degrees of success.

Although many new games were launched in the following decades, many people still saw "Worms" as a prime example of the series.

Team17 also realized this and during the development of Worms WMD it was widely announced that the add-on game was created using the back of the Worms Armageddon source code.

Fans continue to work informally to keep Worms Armageddon alive. As we mentioned on the Steam page of the game, the hard work fans have done in the years since its launch has led to major improvements.

Key features include full compatibility with Windows 10, the game has suffered in the past, and support for windows, which fixes compatibility for older devices that cannot run modern resolutions.

Other features include support for seven different languages, the ability to play a new competition round on the ground destroyed by previous games, stream mode to hide in-game IP addresses, and robots support for online messaging.

Nick Gomersal (Nick Gomersall) has been part of Team 17 as a coach since 2002. He said: "Worms have always been a part of my life, millions of players have lived for thousands of centuries, and this series is the backbone of my career in Team17."

The Worms Armageddon update is part of the 25th anniversary celebration of the original Worms. The company recently released Worms Rumble, an updated version of the game that closely matches online multiplayer games and enables real-time competition.

It should be noted that despite all the new changes, the game rarely continues to get updates even a few years after the game was released, the company (Team17) said: The game is still compatible with Windows 95 and other older operating systems.

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