Galaxy Buds Live may include noise cancellation
Galaxy Buds Live may include noise cancellation

All indications are that Samsung is planning to unveil the next wireless noise canceling headphones at an (Unpacked) event next month.

Samsung is also expected to announce the (Unpacked) (Galaxy Note 20) and (Galaxy Z Flip) events that support the 5G network.

The new headphone is said to be using a strange bean-shaped design called (Galaxy Buds Live).

The leak (WalkingCat), known for frequent leaks in its Windows operating system, shared a video through its official account on its Twitter platform and is similar to the official video of the wireless headset officially announced by Samsung.

At the end of the clip there is a text: "Remove the noise, and let the sound enter", which indicates that (Galaxy Buds Live) includes a surround sound function so that the wearer can hear the surrounding sound when it is activated.

Since Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus have this feature, there is no good reason to believe that the new headphone will not.

The text may also indicate that the headset supports ANC. It is the first headphone in the Samsung Buds product line that supports this function.

If the prediction is correct and the headset supports ANC, it is very interesting to see how Galaxy Buds Live handles the surround sound function without silicone headphones.

The leaked live photos of the Galaxy Buds did not show silicone earplugs.

These are important details. Because the ANC headset comes with silicone earplugs.

Silicone ear plugs help create a physical barrier between the ear and the outside world. If the barrier occurs, the technical effect is better.

The images shown on the headphones indicate that there are many microphones around each headset, and it is expected that (Galaxy Buds Live) will be available in black, copper and white.

There are no strong rumors about the price of these headphones, but the latest headphones for the Korean company (Galaxy Buds Plus) are currently priced at $ 150.

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