Twitter disables a new tweet posted by President Trump
Twitter disables a new tweet posted by President Trump

According to Lumen's database, Twitter once again interrupted the music video President Donald Trump posted on Twitter, referring to copyright infringement complaints. This database collects material removal requests online.

The video, which contains music hosted by Lincoln Park, disappeared from the president's Twitter message on Saturday evening and warned that "the media has been banned due to the copyright owner's report."

This two-minute video clip is about Donald Trump's famous inauguration speech in 2017, including his promise to transfer Washington DC's strength to the people.

Twitter deleted the video and Trump canceled it after receiving a copyright notice from (Machine Shop Entertainment), which was issued by White House social media director Dan Scavino according to digital copyright.

According to his LinkedIn page, Machine Shop Entertainment is a rock group management company (Linkin Park).

A Twitter representative said in an email statement, "We respond to valid copyright claims that have been sent to us by copyright owners or their authorized representatives."

The social media platform started objecting to President Trump's tweets in May, and has been at odds over and over since.

Twitter has blocked or prevented posts from being shared with the President due to complaints of copyright violations or platform threats of violence policies.

After a complaint from The New York Times, Twitter deleted President Trump's Twitter photos, including Trump's photos, posted on June 30.

The company issued a tweet to the president at the end of May after the warning sign, saying that when he urged the authorities in Minneapolis to respond accurately to protests against the cause of (George Floyd's) death, he violated the rules.

It is worth noting that Twitter made great progress a few days ago. Hackers have entered the company's internal system to hijack the accounts of some of the main characters on the platform, including: American presidential candidate (Joe Biden), former US President (Barack Obama) and billionaire (Elon Musk), who uses an account to request a digital currency.

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