Britain asks Japan for Huawei alternatives in 5G networks
Britain asks Japan for Huawei alternatives in 5G networks

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, the British government has asked Japan to provide Huawei with alternative solutions to build a 5G wireless network. It is a new step in the global war of technology and security between China and the United States.

The request came after the United Kingdom decided on Tuesday to ban the Chinese technology giant from delivering network devices from the end of this year and remove all devices from the company before the end of the year. 2027.

British officials have told their counterparts in Tokyo that Japanese technology companies (NEC) and Fujitsu could replace Huawei, and have asked the Japanese side to help improve network technology and profitability.

Britain's goal is to compete with Japanese telecom operators (such as Ericsson in Sweden and Nokia in Finland) to develop low-cost products suitable for British telecom companies.

Shortly after the ban was announced, British government officials met with representatives of Japanese government agencies, including the National Security Secretariat, the National Center for Accident Prevention and cybersecurity strategy, in pursuit of cooperation.

Japan also recognizes the need to work with British companies to develop 5G technology.

When Britain wanted to leave the European Union for security reasons, Prime Minister Johnson had to choose between the United States and China.

The last step reflects the UK's efforts to introduce new equipment suppliers to replace Huawei to gain a competitive advantage and reduce costs for telecom companies in the country.

Britain's Minister of Culture, Media and Sports, Oliver Duden, said last week that Britain was working with its allies to strengthen Huawei's strong competitors, citing companies from Finland, Sweden, Korea, the United States of America and Japan.

Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia each control approximately 80% of the base station market for global fifth generation, while NEC and Fujitsu control less than 1%.

Although Ericsson and Nokia dominate the UK today, Japanese companies can increase their market share in the country if they can meet quality requirements and offer products at low prices.

NEC is in talks with the British side while Fujitsu is looking for ways to sell its products in Europe.

The Japanese government has decided to invest $ 654 million to help companies like NEC develop basic equipment for 5G power plants. The money comes from the new Independent Management Agency for Energy and Industrial Technology. organisation.

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