Vivo is close to launching the X50 and X50 Pro outside China
Vivo is close to launching the X50 and X50 Pro outside China

Vivo announced the new line of X50 phones in early June, including three phones: (X50) X50, (X50 Pro), X50 Pro and (X50 Pro Plus) + X50 Pro. The last two devices have excellent imaging capabilities, and the first is the world's thinnest 5G mobile phone.

Of course, since the phone was introduced, it has been sold to mainland China, where the factory is located. A new report now shows that the company plans to launch phones in many markets outside China.

A report published by indicated that (Vivo) plans to launch (X50) and (X50 Pro) in multiple markets from 16 to 17 July, and some markets in East Asia such as Malaysia and Malaysia refer to Thailand.

It should be noted that the X50 Pro Plus is the first smartphone to use the new Samsung ISOCELL GN1 / 1 / 1.3 image sensor, 50 MP lens and 1: 1.6 lens, and the first is a combination of ISOCELL sensor and Tetracell technology for cell phone. 12.5 million pixel still images can be created with collages, the large pixel size of which is 2.4 meters.

The phone is 8.04 mm thick and weighs 181.5 grams. It offers a 6.56-inch OLED display with + FHD + resolution, a 120Hz refresh rate, curved on both sides and has a front camera aperture. The hole is equipped with a 32-megapixel camera and lens cap. f / 2.45, supports HDR10 +.

The phone has the latest Qualcomm processor (Snapdragon 865), 8 GB or 12 GB LPDDR4X RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB of internal storage UFS. The phone also has 4,315 mAh battery and supports 44W fast charging technology.

The mobile phone (X50 Pro) has many specifications common with the mobile phone (X50 Pro Plus), for example B- thickness and weight, and differs from the screen refresh rate because it is displayed at a specific frequency of 90 Hz instead of 120 Hz and supports 33 watts Battery fast charging instead of 44 watts and shared memory.

Regarding the camera, the mobile phone shares the specifications of the X50 Pro Plus with the specifications of the second, third and fourth cameras, while the main camera uses the Sony IMX598 48 megapixel sensor and its optical stabilization technology is similar to the deviation. It also has a front camera resolution.

The X50 weighs 170 grams and is 7.49 mm thick. It offers the same specifications as the X50 Pro, including a flat screen. It also provides the same processor specifications and memory with a 4200 mAh battery capacity and 33 watts capacity.

The X50 also offers almost the same specifications for the rear and front cameras, except that the main camera is equipped with a four-axis optical image stabilizer and the second camera with a 1: 2.48 aperture and the third does not contain telescopic zoom technology and the fourth camera with a 5-megapixel camera aperture of 1: 2.48 and very narrow images for things larger than 1.5 cm.

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