Xiaomi acquired a license for a 120-watt charger
Xiaomi acquired a license for a 120-watt charger

A report released in June showed that Chinese company Xiaomi is working hard to produce a 120W portable charger.

In a previous report, a video was released showing a charger supporting this feature. Now it can be said that the charger started earlier than expected because the Chinese company bought the charger from a Chinese agent. 3C Company license does not contain more information. The MDY-12-ED model will run at 20 V and 6 A.

It is not yet known that this is the first Xiaomi device to support this charging capacity, but it should become one of its most important smartphones, such as: (Mi Mix) Mi Mix.

It is worth noting that (Vivo) is a pioneer in achieving this transport capacity, since it announced more than a year ago a new technology of fast charging 120 watts, the most important of which is the ongoing war between Chinese companies. One of the quick techniques. Racing for the fastest charging technology.

Vivo, a revolutionary company that is ahead of most of the new smartphone technologies, has announced its new Super FlashCharge 120W technology in recent years, but has not released its technical details.

The company said at the time: This technology can charge 4000 mAh batteries in just 13 minutes. A company employee posted a video on Weibo that includes a mobile phone with new technology and estimated battery capacity from 10% to 14% in just 16 seconds.

It should be noted that in March 2019 Xiaomi announced a fast-charging technology with a output of 100 watts, through which a 4000 mAh battery can be charged in 17 minutes.

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