Adobe accidentally deleted the photos in a Lightroom update
Adobe accidentally deleted the photos in a Lightroom update

Adobe acknowledges that the latest update of the Lightroom photo editing app for devices (iOS) has permanently removed users' photos and filters if they do not pay a subscription fee to sync files with Adobe Cloud Services.

In the past few days, photographers have been struggling after downloading the latest app update from Adobe (Lightroom). Your previous photos and settings are suddenly gone. Adobe confirmed the problem and said: The data has been permanently deleted.

The cause of the problem is an update to the (Lightroom) app, which organizes and modifies the images without changing the original image, which is what the iOS photo editor cannot.

Ironically, users who used the app to save their original photos find that these photos have been permanently deleted and there is no mechanism to recover them.

One user complained: I've spoken with customer service for more than 4 hours in the past 2 days, and now they're telling me there's no solution to the problem, these lost photos can't be recovered and I've lost more than 2 hours years of photo eligibility adjustment.

Adobe representative, Rick Flohr confirmed, and apologized for the confusion in a forum post, while Flohr wrote: We apologize to all clients affected by this issue.

The company released another update to prevent this issue from affecting other customers. However, deleted photos cannot be recovered, and installing version 5.4.1 will not recover lost or lost photos. The previous settings were affected by the Client 5.4.0 issue.

Adobe released a statement that largely echoed Flohr's comments. The statement stated that the issue particularly affected users of the Lightroom mobile app without an Adobe Cloud subscription, and that the previous images and settings were not compatible with Adobe's cloud services. Concurrent subscribers. At the time of the update.

The company also said that some customers may be able to restore their data from backups on iPhone or iPad.

We know how frustrating and disrupting this matter for those affected, and we apologize for it. ''

It should be noted that this is not the first time that the company's error caused the loss of user photos, as Canon closed its platform ( earlier this month after storage problems led to the loss of some image and video files

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