Apple apologizes for the free WordPress app
Apple apologizes for the free WordPress app

After free apps were successfully forced to make more purchases, Apple rolled back its previous WordPress app position.

At this point, Apple is facing a lawsuit over the in-app purchase (Epic Games) system.

Apple requires WordPress to sell the premium plans and domain names in a free app. Hence, Apple could get 30% of its traditional spending.

Apple rarely apologizes and says: Wordpress no longer needs to increase in-app purchases.

Apple and Wordpress have reached an agreement whereby the app can remain in the app store without in-app purchases.

Apple said in a statement: The Wordpress application issue has been fixed. Since the developer has removed the payment option for app service, it is now a free standalone app. In-app purchases do not need to be provided. The feature and developer have informed us and apologize for any confusion. .

With the WordPress app, you can create and manage websites directly and for free. Since it is a free open source tool, anyone can use it and customize it to suit their needs.

Although sells domain names and website software to users separately, a conflict has arisen with the App Store team.

WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg said: Although the developers technically didn't sell anything, Apple decided to block the WordPress iOS app before the developer joined the in-app purchase system.

Regardless of the operating system (iOS), the WordPress app has never offered paid jobs. It contains a direct link that users can use to request the software upgrade through the website ( Which Apple claims is harmful to the app. Purchase system during the program.

According to Mark Gorman, Apple said in a statement: The WordPress platform has agreed to update its iOS apps to remove any reference to its paid services, thus re-allowing WordPress iOS apps to appear in the app store without In-app purchases.

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