Amazon launched the Halo bracelet to monitor physical and mental health
Amazon launched the Halo bracelet to monitor physical and mental health

Amazon officially announced today (Thursday) that its Halo e-bracelet has entered the wearable market. Unlike other electronic wristbands on the market, this bracelet focuses more on health monitoring than on exercise.

The American company said that the difference between (Halo) and other bracelets is the absence of a screen to display information, so that users can focus on their lives as if they are not wearing a bracelet.

The bracelet - it can compete with the bracelets from other companies, the most famous of which is: Fitbit - it contains many sensors such as: accelerometer, temperature sensor, heart rate sensor, and two microphones. Since there is no screen, the front of the device is covered by a strip of cloth or silicone.

Users will not receive notifications from the bracelet and the two microphones cannot be used to ask questions to Alexa digital assistant because the bracelet is separate from other Amazon services but the subscription fee is $ 4 per month. It can be obtained for free with an Amazon Prime (Amazon Prime) subscription. Users can deactivate the subscription but cannot access the advanced features that they offer.

The benefit (aura) is that it focuses on mental and physical health. This is the purpose of microphones to listen to the user's voice to determine the emotional state of the day. However, the user must train the bracelet to recognize his own voice and ignore the voices of others.

To protect user privacy, Amazon has confirmed that audio recordings sent from the bracelet to the mobile phone will be deleted for analysis after analysis. No log is sent to the company server. However, the user can turn off the microphone.

Another important feature is the 3D Body Scans, which Amazon says is more informative than regular weight and BMI readings that users get from bathroom scales. The bracelet itself cannot be scanned, but (HALO) took four photos with the phone's camera.

Unlike the recordings, these images are sent to Amazon servers, where they are processed using artificial intelligence to convert them into 3D models and calculate the percentage of body fat. However, the data will not be shared with third parties, and Amazon said the data will be deleted in less than 12 hours.

Once scanned, users can use the slider bar to get a 3D view of their body to see if the fat is increasing or decreasing. And since the device focuses on mental health, Amazon recommends having a scan every two weeks rather than a daily scan.

It is worth noting that the new Amazon bracelet (Halo) will be available for $ 100, the silicone bracelet will be $ 16, and the cloth bracelet will be $ 20. The company said: The device's battery can last for a week, and a depth of water and dust resistance of up to 50 meters.

And now Amazon has started the early access program. The bracelet has a price of $ 65 and a subscription period of 6 months. After that, the bracelet is sold at the original price.

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