Google is making the glance feature in its smart assistant even more intelligent
Google is making the glance feature in its smart assistant even more intelligent

Today (Thursday) Google announced an update to the Snapshot feature of its Google Assistant digital assistant to make it more informative and proactive.

The US tech giant said in its blog, “Two years ago we launched Google Assistant Snapshot, which is a new way to keep the Google Assistant up to date in your day. We are now adding some updates to be more informative and proactive (at a glance) so that you are always on the cutting edge of the task you want to complete while providing you too. With the recommended activities and other features, all of them can be integrated into your Android or iOS device.

In addition to the basic information the user relies on, such as: for example, calendar, travel time, and reminders to pay off credit card debt, the user will now see a summary of the other important tasks directly above, such as: upcoming appointments, birthdays, and vacation reminders. A user's "profile" is set based on the time of day and their interaction with the Google Assistant. For example, in the morning the user sees weather and travel maps, tasks and important news.

Additionally, the company has added personalized, preferences-based recommendations for recipes, podcasts, and even nearby restaurants that offer grocery delivery services. Users also see recipe suggestions at different times of the day.

Currently, users can view their profile by activating Google Assistant and clicking on the icon in the lower left corner. It's getting so much easier now that all users have to do is say, “Hey Google, tell me my day” This feature is for users who use English as their default language. Additional languages ​​will continue to be available in the coming months.

The company said: For upcoming tasks, Google Assistant will send a notification to make sure those tasks are not missed. Google Assistant can send notifications to the user's phone with important information, such as: b. Upcoming flight and event updates, billing, and due date reminders.

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