Apple canceled the Fortnite App Store account
Apple canceled the Fortnite App Store account

Apple said that due to the disagreement over the built-in payment instructions in the iPhone maker, Apple terminated the Fortnite (Epic Games) account and accused these instructions of a monopoly.

Apple made it clear that the move would not have any impact on the (Unreal) (Unreal) Epic Games engine, the software tool that hundreds of other app makers rely on.

However, this step means that iPhone users will not be able to download Fortnite or any other game (Epic Games) through the (App Store).

Players who have downloaded the game (Epic Games) will still be able to play, but will not be able to use Apple's payment system for in-app purchases.

The Federal Court has ruled that Apple can ban Epic Games from its stores, but while the Epic Games monopoly lawsuit against Apple continues, it cannot take action that is detrimental to the game engine (Unreal).

A well-known game developer implemented a feature that allowed iPhone users to shop directly from the app instead of using Apple's in-app purchase system to charge a 30% commission. As a result, Apple canceled the company's (Epic Games) App Store account.

Apple said: If (Epic Games) remove the direct payments feature, Fortnite can return to the store, but (Epic Games) refuses to say, compliance with Apple's requirements means that Apple is fine with maintaining (iOS).

Epic Games' decision confirms that their account will be canceled, and Apple has now taken the step.

Apple said in a statement: The court recommended that Epic Games follow the App Store guidelines as the case progresses. These are the guiding principles that have been followed for the past decade.

She added, "Epic Games has violated compliance and instead sent Fortnite updates over and over again, which means they are determined to violate App Store policies, which is unfair to anyone else. App Store developers."

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