Review DYMO 1801611 Industrial Label Maker
DYMO 1801611 Industrial Label Maker

DYMO Industrial Label Machine | Rhino 4200 labeller, quick shortcut key, fast and durable labeling machine suitable for construction sites and heavy labeling operations

DYMO Rhino 4200 Industrial Label Maker has a familiar QWERTY keyboard, more than 150 icons for asset management, safety and term libraries, plus professional audio and video work quickly and quickly to complete the industrial label work properly. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to create and format wire / cable coils, logos, fixed-length stickers, etc., while the Favorites button accesses the most popular stickers, symbols, and terms with one click. most used. With the Rhino 4200, you can use flexible nylon, heavy duty polyester fibers and heavy duty vinyl to print labels up to 4cm wide, as well as directly with heat shrink tubing. Integrated rubber pad prevents falling off while working.

DYMO Industry Solutions

Leave behind a construction site that looks better than what you find. DYMO industrial products are designed by professional installers to be durable, affordable, and durable - with practical features that can save you time and money every day.
DYMO Industrial Stickers

Choose the field tested labels and highest temperature & humidity for sticking. DYMO offers a wide variety of sizes and colors.

How to choose the right industrial DYMO poster
DYMO offers the right label for almost all products
Location and surface. Zoom in the picture
Review DYMO 1801611 Industrial Label Maker
DYMO 1801611 Industrial Label Maker
DYMO Industrial Labels are available

Providing field tested industrial DYMO labels
Excellent comfort and reliability. Zoom in the picture.

DYMO 1801611 Industrial Label Maker Specs
  • Quick Input: Use familiar computer style, QWERTY and keyboard to enter text easily
  • Time saving features: Use easy-to-use one-click keyboard shortcuts to access shortcuts, create spools of wire / cable, tags, code 39, code 128, fixed length, universal sticker, cross label and format
  • Easily access memory: Use the Favorites button to quickly access frequently used symbols, symbols and terms
  • Customizable: Avoid repeating steps for the Personalize button. Adjust and save settings for each poster size
  • For use with original DYMO labels: Industrial DYMO labels use 1/4 ", 3/8", 1/2 "and 3/4" labels in various materials and colors in addition to the labels directly on the printed tube is heat shrinkable

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