Apple is accused in Russia of exploiting the dominance of the mobile app market
Apple is accused in Russia of exploiting the dominance of the mobile app market

Russia's competition watchdog FAS said on Monday: Apple has misused its dominant position in the mobile app market through its app store for iOS devices and is about to issue an order urging the company to fix regulatory violations.

An Apple spokesman said: The company intends to appeal the FAS decision. The Russian ruling was related to a European Commission investigation into Apple and App Store rules, including: requirements for app developers to use their integrated shopping system.

FAS indicated that Apple iOS apps should be downloaded through the App Store. She also said: Apple reserves the right to block all third-party apps from the App Store.

After a complaint from Kaspersky Lab, FAS conducted an investigation, according to the complaint: Apple's operating system rejected the new version of the Safe Kids app.

She said: Apple launched version 12 of its Screen Time parental control app, which has features similar to Kaspersky. Parents can use parental control apps to control their children's use of cell phones and tablets.

Apple said: It has removed many parental control apps from its app store because they "endanger user privacy and security."

(Sputnik) learned today (Monday) that the Moscow District Court has fined Google 1.5 million rubles ($ 20,000) for continuing to refuse to hide the ban on Russian websites on search results.

According to the Russian News Agency, the court said: "The court imposed a fine of 1.5 million rubles, and the decision entered into force.

The Tajansk Court in Moscow proposed Article 2.1 of the "Russian Law on Administrative Offenses" against Russia due to repeated violations of the company and was forced to stop publishing information about the prohibited resources at the request of the Russian user.

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