Google Maps is receiving a major update for iOS
Google Maps is receiving a major update for iOS

Google announced today, Monday, that it is working on improving Apple's car service (CarPlay) and its Apple Watch card (Apple Watch).

A new Google Maps update brings the map to the CarPlay Dashboard, which is the main window of the Home screen where users can see many things simultaneously, such as: b. Calendar appointments. Play their music and their ways.

Apple will not allow third-party map apps until an update for iPhone is released in March. Until now, Google Maps users only had to use Apple Maps on the dashboard screen or Google Maps without the additional information on the dashboard.

CarPlay also allows you to view specific apps, make calls, talk to a digital assistant (Siri), and other vehicle functions that support the service. This is the competition between the American search giant and Android Auto on Android phones. .

In a blog post, the company said: The changes will be rolled out starting today and map navigation services will be launched on Apple Watch in the coming weeks. This means that users can get directions from Google Maps and then look at the watch to see the next step. This service can be useful for those who walk, cycle, or drive around town and don't have a map in their dashboard.

It's worth noting that Apple Maps already supports these features. Therefore, the new features are aimed at the users who want to use Google Maps.

In July, Google announced an expansion of the bike path feature in its map service as people increasingly rely on bicycles to navigate.

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