Apple is blocking WordPress updates for fees
Apple is blocking WordPress updates for fees

The free WordPress developer accused Apple of preventing it from updating the app before adding in-app purchases so that the world's most valuable company can get 30% of the money.

The WordPress software lets you create and manage websites directly and for free. Since it's a free, open-source tool, anyone can use it and customize it according to their needs, while sells domain names and website packages separately.

The WordPress app doesn't sell anything, but you can create a website for free without choosing the option to purchase a unique domain name from the app on iPhone and iPad where you can get a name. Free WordPress domain and 3GB storage space.

Apple acknowledges this and says that if the app allows users to access content, subscriptions, or features obtained from your app on other platforms or websites, then an in-app purchase must be made.

However, the app (WordPress) itself doesn't sell anything other than uploading other files or choosing website themes. There is no other way to use the app to set up a paid ( feature in the app. has a variety of paid ( hosting plans with prices ranging from $ 4 per month to $ 45 per month depending on features, storage, support, and other factors. Additionally, there are companies that start at $ 1,700 per month.

The plan allows users to set up private domains, access email, and create a complete website. However, this differs from the WordPress platform.

WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg explained that iOS has a technical way of knowing that WordPress has paid for it (you can find this on the support page or you can go to the WordPress site from the website's "preview" page) but say: Apple has rejected its suggestion to block users (iOS) From seeing the problematic side.

Mullenweg stated that it will no longer fight Apple and will add new in-app purchases (including domain names) at the paid level ( within 30 days.

Apple has agreed to allow Automattic to update the app so the development team can add features.

In other words, Apple won and the world's richest company was forcing app developers to invest in apps in order to make more money.

This is the latest example of Apple's effort to protect cash flow. Ultimately, the decision to put the customer experience first is not logical and does not involve Apple's code of ethics.

Matt Mullenweg said: The (WordPress) team is not sure how to implement integrated shopping support for because the WordPress application supports websites that are based on the WordPress platform.

The team is considering entering a new name for the app or letting the host and other plugins support the planned in-app purchases.

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