Apple may launch the Apple One service pack in October
Apple may launch the Apple One service pack in October

A new report from Bloomberg has revealed that Apple is preparing to launch a new subscription service called (Apple One) in October.

Bloomberg has hinted that Apple may also launch a rival service to compete with Peloton, and Apple's virtual fitness classes will be part of the overall deal.

The new subscription service suite is called Apple One and it allows customers to request multiple digital services from Apple together.

The price of the monthly subscription (Apple One) must be less than the price of a separate subscription service.

Bloomberg announced that the Apple One subscription package will be rolling out with new iPhone models in October.

The company previously confirmed that the new iPhone lineup will be released a few weeks later than usual in September.

The drive for bundling subscription services is to encourage customers to subscribe to multiple Apple services, which will generate more recurring revenue.

In particular, the services (Apple News) and (Apple TV) have not grown much, so the group of subscriptions helps in increasing the number of subscribers.

In late 2019, iPhone manufacturers tried to offer students Apple Music and Apple TV, including a second free service.

The files in (iOS 13.5.5) refer to "Package View" and "Package Subscription", and these files are not present in previous versions of (iOS).

These files are said to be related to Apple's service subscription management system (such as Apple TV).

Apple's financial goal is to cross the 600 million mark by the end of 2020.

The level is different because the basic package includes (Apple Music) and (Apple TV), while the second package includes (Apple Music), (Apple TV) and (Apple Arcade) gaming services.

Although the third package includes (Apple Music), (Apple TV), (Apple Arcade) and (Apple News), the more expensive package includes additional storage space for files and photos in (iCloud). Including all previous services.

There are rumors that Apple has co-marketing its digital services through a package of services since 2018, and most rumors indicate that the package may include (Apple Music), (Apple TV) and (Apple News).

According to reports, it is not clear if (Apple One) is the intended name for the package, or whether the name is only used to refer to the package in Apple.

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