Google hides the website address completely in Chrome
Google hides the website address completely in Chrome

Google tries to show only the domain name in the Chrome browser address bar, not the full website address.

Functionality will be tested in the next release of Chrome (version 86), as Google hopes this change will protect users from phishing attacks with misleading website addresses.

Domain names and website addresses are two of the simplest forms of network security. You can quickly find out about website reputation by checking the website address. However, sometimes this feature may mislead others.

Hackers and fraudsters often use misspelled URLs (like (, unknown subdomains (like (, or associated domains (like (Secure-Gmail) .com)).

Before users are tricked into revealing their personal information, visit these URLs as if they belong to a legitimate company.

Google noted that a study found that the website's title fooled more than 60% of users when a brand name on a website appeared to mislead.

Some browsers (like Safari) only display the website's address domain name in the address bar, because that looks more straightforward and makes some of these scams more apparent.

Google said: The new function of hiding the full address of the website will appear randomly to some users in the next version of Chrome.

The company wants to know if this change can help users understand that they are visiting malicious websites and protect them from phishing attacks and social engineering attacks.

In the unlikely event that this happens, the feature could be kept forever in the future, and Google hasn't specified how long the beta will last.

You can try this function if you haven't decided to join the test group by chance by downloading (Chrome 86) from the (Canarian) channel or (dev), opening (chrome logo: //) and activating the following indicators:

According to reports, Google has been trying to completely hide the website's address in the Chrome browser address bar for several months and is currently working on the general development of these changes in an open source (Chromium) project.

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