Elon Musk demonstrates computer brain technology
Elon Musk demonstrates computer brain technology

Neuralink entrepreneur Elon Musk put on a live demonstration of their brain computing technology.

The company showed off a coin-sized radio, and CEOs of Tesla and SpaceX brought three pigs with them.

The audience can see real-time nerve signals from pigs. He called it Gertrude's mask. According to Musk, Gertrude had been implanted for about two months.

This startup was founded in 2016 and funded by Mask. The company said the flexible cord designed by the company is 10 times thinner than a human hair to treat brain damage and achieve coexistence between humans and artificial intelligence.

According to last year's project launch, the robot design has been tested on at least 19 different animals using robots, with a success rate of about 87%.

Musk described it as mounting a Fitbit device to the skull and pairing it to a smartphone app via Bluetooth Low Energy with a thin wire.

This is one of the earliest demonstrations of computer brain technology.

Musk said in July 2019 that he hoped to transplant human patients before the end of 2020. In his speech, Musk made some very ambitious statements about the potential of this technology.

The company says fitting valves to replace a small portion of the human skull can restore limb function, improve human mobility, solve vision and hearing problems, and help treat conditions like Parkinson's disease. .

In his speech, Musk mentioned many different conditions Neuralink is currently focusing on, including memory loss, blindness, and paralysis.

Musk said the surgery does not require general anesthesia and hopes that the robot can complete the entire process in about an hour.

Musk said: People (who use Neuralink devices) experience small scars after putting electrodes all over their brains and reading signals from neurons together. If handled properly, there is no blood present.

By gathering large amounts of data from the signal, Neuralink's mind can learn how to use it to communicate with other parts of the body.

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