Google allows fraudulent email voting ads
Google allows fraudulent email voting ads

According to a Washington Post report, Google allows ads to display incorrect voting information via email.

It was reported that it took the search giant five days to review the ads in question.

Some people are now asking for information about advertising rules and whether Google is prepared to respond to incorrect voting information.

The ads created by an organization called Protect My Vote were searched by people in certain states (including Florida, Michigan, Iowa, Arizona, Texas, and Georgia) who appeared after the vote.

One ad contains part of the text: I believe that postal voting and postal voting are the same and that each type of mail has different guarantees.

The document states that this is a mistake because Texas does not have separate absenteeism and absentee voting procedures.

Click the advertisement to go to the team website for more information on errors.

Facebook removed similar ads from the same group.

Google spokeswoman Charlotte Smith did not respond to specific questions from the Washington Post, but she issued the following statement: We do not tolerate ads that use voter suppression tactics or that disrupt voter turnout. If we find it, if you have made the ad, delete it.

Lynn C. McGregor, professor of political communication at the University of North Carolina

She added, "This clearly misled users in the voting process. If these platforms want to protect users from them, this type of ads should be removed."

The search giant recently announced changes to its advertising policy to prevent advertisers from spreading false information or granting access to hackers or vulnerabilities.

These changes will take effect on September 1st. As we said earlier, we believe that these new measures can strike the right balance while preserving confidence in the elections while allowing for robust dialogue and open debate on topical issues.

Such misleading ads will likely continue to appear during elections, and Google should be ready to go faster and tighter in future guidelines.

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