Facebook and tech giants oppose Trump's restrictions on foreign workers
 Facebook and tech giants oppose Trump's restrictions on foreign workers

Major US tech companies like Amazon and Facebook filed a legal report on Monday in support of the challenge of the temporary ban imposed by US President Donald Trump on banning some foreign workers during the coronavirus pandemic. Entry to keep Americans in action.

In a lawsuit by major US trade associations in California, the two companies argued that visa restrictions hurt US companies, force employers to hire workers outside the United States, and further harm the United States. The US economy is already in trouble.

Trump issued a declaration from the president in June suspending entry to a group of foreign workers until the end of this year. His administration announced that amid the economic impact of the pandemic, the move would create jobs for unemployed Americans.

Those affected by the temporary ban include skilled foreign workers applying for the H-1B visa, as well as managers and skilled workers who travel within the company on an L visa - both visas are used by technology companies. Trump also banned seasonal workers from obtaining H-2B visas, except for those who work in the food supply chain.

In the memo filed on Monday, the two companies argued that Trump's announcement could cause irreparable damage to US companies, workers and the economy, and based on "false assumptions" that it would protect American workers.

"Global competitors in countries like Canada, China and India are seizing the opportunity to attract educated and creative people," the summary reads. ''

Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, and Twitter are the 52 companies that have signed the warrant filed in a lawsuit filed by the National Manufacturers Association, representing 14,000 member companies, and a lawsuit similar to the one filed in Washington, DC.

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