Brother PTD800W P-touch Portable Label Maker
Brother PTD800W P-touch Portable Label Maker

Brother P-touch Label Printer, Light Commercial / Industrial Portable Label, PTD800W, Notebook Wi-Fi Connectivity, Ultra Wide Multi-line Label, Excel Link, Black

Commitment label printers need to be knowledgeable, flexible, durable and can be owned by multiple devices. These functions are available with Bruder P-touch PT-D800W portable commercial / industrial label printers. PTD800W, professionally managed, can print ultra-wide multi-line labels which are better preserved for maintenance, repair and control panels. Label maker can connect with legal relationships with secure WiFi network, for example mobile devices, computers, laptops, etc., such as mobile phone cable label tool, for example b. Mobile Cable Labeling Tool, Mobile Transfer Express, and iPrint & Label

You can choose from 14 fonts, 99 frames, and 465 icons. The barcode printing function allows you to print up to 9 types of barcodes and labels with general widths from 3.5mm to 36mm. Each poster can print up to 17 lines. Belong to Cable Marking Wizard to Belong to Mirrored Label Templates. PT-D800W is also linked to Microsoft Excel for database printing applications. Using a detachable PC-style QWERTY keyboard can arrange for data entry. The portable design, handle and access to storage space for competition is a big claim for commercial customers.

One possible feature is a backlit graphic display that allows users to view poster content, design and size options, before sending the job to print. The printer can also be powered by the included power adapter or optional lithium-ion battery. PT-D800W is an advanced industrial label printer that can print in high volume and high resolution. It is ideal for healthcare, law, communication, manufacturing, warehousing, etc.
Review Brother PTD800W P-touch Portable Label Maker
Brother PTD800W P-touch Portable Label Maker

Suitable for real Bruder P-Touch TZe tapes: TZe-S961, TZe-S661, TZe-S261, TZe-FX261, TZe-661, TZe-261, TZe-161, TZe-MQF31, TZe-MQE31, TZe-MQ531, TZe -2312PK, TZe-1312PK, TZe-111, TZe-211, TZe-N201, TZe-315, TZe-S211, TZe-121, TZe-325, TZe-221, TZe-421, TZe-S121, TZe-S221 , TZe-S621, TZe-131, TZe-135, TZe-231, TZe-232, TZe-334, TZe-335, TZe-631, TZe-AF131, TZe-AF231, TZe-FA3, TZe-FX231, TZe -FX631, TZe-MQ835, TZe-MQ934, TZe-MQG35, TZe-MQP35, TZe-S131, TZe-S135, TZe-S231, TZe-S631, TZe-141, TZe-145, TZe-241-2 243, TZe-344, TZe-345, TZe-441, TZe-541, TZe-545, TZe-641, TZe-741, TZe-B41, TZe-FX241, TZe-S141, TZe-S241, TZe-S641, TZe- S941, TZe-CL4, TZe-S241, TZe-SE4, TZe-151, TZe-251, TZe-252, TZe-354, TZe-355, TZe-451, TZe-651, TZe-B51, TZe-FX251, TZe-FX651, TZe-S151, TZe-S251, TZe-S651, TZe-S951.

Brother PTD800W P-touch Portable Label Maker Specs
  • High Quality Label Printing for Personnel: Manufacturer of the P-Touch PT-D800W stands for Extra Large Line Labels for political industry applications.
  • WI-FI, MOBILE and PC connection: Brother Industrial P-Touch printer can be connected to a mobile device or computer via Wi-Fi.
  • Barcode Printing: Business and commercial customer contacts of 9 kinds of bar codes that can be with PTD800W.
  • Flexible power options: These professional label printers can be powered by a power supply unit or lithium-ion battery (optional).
  • Acceptance with Original Bruder Scopes: For best performance, they belong to the Original Brother P-Touch TZe bands up to 36mm (about 1 inch).

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