Facebook announces the launch of its news service in more countries
Facebook announces the launch of its news service in more countries

Facebook announced today (Tuesday) that it has launched its Facebook News tab in additional countries a few months after its launch in the United States.

"The launch of Facebook News in the United States marks a new chapter in our relationship with the press and a good start," the US social media giant said in a blog post.

Facebook launched the News tab as a dedicated news destination on the social network. Facebook has stated that helping publishers reach new audiences is one of its primary goals, and it has found that over 95% of the traffic served by publisher information services is due to the increase in the traffic they serve. You actually get (breaking news) from the site.

Due to these developments, Facebook hopes to accelerate its plan for international expansion. Within the next six months or year, Facebook messages will be broadcast in many countries / regions such as UK, Germany, France and Australia. India and Brazil. In each country, the company pays news publishers to ensure that content is available in new products.

The company noted that consumer habits and news lists differ from country to country. Hence, it will work closely with press partners in each country / region to customize the experience, test delivery options, provide people with valuable experiences as well as respect the publisher's business model.

It should be noted that today's announcement comes after Facebook announced that it will stop political advertising after US Election Day in order to reduce post-election misinformation.

The company discussed potential election options with experts, including the possibility of US President (Donald Trump) using the platform to discuss the election results.

The company spent many years preparing to end any fraud on its website before the November presidential election, and the social network is now preparing for President Trump's intervention after the vote.

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