Facebook continues to display discriminatory ads
Facebook continues to display discriminatory ads

A new report from (The Markup) shows that while the company agreed to eliminate some targeting options for housing, jobs, and credit ads last year, discriminatory ads continue to appear on Facebook.

The new report identifies several job ads that use the Facebook platform to differentiate users of specific ages or multicultural backgrounds.

In May, Tenderness Health Care, a Wisconsin health agency, posted a job ad on Facebook to search for personal care workers.

According to the Why am I seeing this ad pop-up on Facebook, when an agency buys an ad, it asks Facebook not to show it to more than 54 people.

Also, Facebook is being forced to run ads specifically for people of different cultural backgrounds among African Americans, and the Facebook platform appears to meet the requirements.

Not only do these advertising practices conflict with Facebook guidelines, they can also violate federal law that prohibits employers from discriminating on the basis of age and race, including ads.

In March 2019, as part of a legal agreement with civil rights organizations, Facebook agreed to prevent advertisers from using certain targeting options for discriminatory ads.

Facebook said at the time: This wouldn't prevent advertisers buying homes, positions or loan ads from targeting users based on age, gender, or zip code.

Days after Facebook broke the news, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) filed housing discrimination charges against the company.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) claimed in its 2019 complaint that Facebook's advertising policy includes a toggle button that advertisers can use to block men or women from entering.

The complaint also states the following: Facebook provides a search box to exclude people who do not speak a certain language and a map tool that draws red lines around the area to exclude people who live in a certain area. Abroad.

Shortly after The Markup contacted Facebook about exposed ads, the social media company announced that it would remove targeted multicultural targeting options from its ad system.

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