Canon camera uploads photos directly to Google Photos
Canon camera uploads photos directly to Google Photos

Modern Canon camera owners can now wirelessly connect photos and videos via their phones and automatically upload photos and videos to Google Photos.

Google is working hard to make it easy to transfer images from the cameras to popular photo management platforms.

Despite all the advances in camera technology, saving images from a DSLR remains an issue.

Usually, this process uses a camera cable or adapter to get pictures from the SD card. However, Google and Canon want to change that.

This auto-save function is available for iOS and Android via the app. However, you need to ensure that the camera is compatible.

If the camera is compatible, make sure to install the latest app update ( Then a new option to upload photos (Google photos) will appear.

After activating the new feature in the Canon app, future photos and videos will be automatically submitted to Google's photo storage platform.

You don't have to worry about losing the resolution of the photos. Because all the images are sync with (Google Photos) in their original quality.

In February, Canon launched its cloud-based backup service,, which enables Canon cameras to back up photos seamlessly over wireless networks.

Users can automatically upload their photos and videos from ( to other sites, for example: (Google Drive) or YouTube to download videos. Now (Google Photos) has been added to the list.

However, there is one problem that might bother some people because this method of transferring photos requires a subscription (Google One).

Google is offering Canon camera customers a one-month trial (Google One) with 100GB of storage to support them using the service.

At the end of the trial period, the Google One plan offers 100 GB of storage at a cost of $ 2 per month.

Earlier this month, Canon temporarily suspended service after some saved photos and videos disappeared.

Adobe also ran into an annoying issue earlier this month when it discovered that some photos synced to the cloud (Lightroom) were permanently lost.

No such issue currently occurs with the service (Google Photos).

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