Facebook joins Linux Foundation as a platinum member
Facebook joins Linux Foundation as a platinum member

Facebook has now joined Linux Foundation as a platinum member as most web-based companies rely on Linux and open source software.

The social network Facebook with 2 billion members is no different, as the company relies on open source and actively participates in large open source projects.

These projects include the JavaScript (React) library, the (Open Computing) project (to open hardware resources for data centers) and the Linux cGroup2 container software.

Although the Facebook open source group is a long-time member of the Linux Foundation, large companies have joined the organization at the highest levels.

As a platinum member, Cathy Cam, president of open source at Facebook, will join the Linux Foundation's board of directors.

Cathy Cam has 20 years of experience in engineering, product management, and developer relations, as well as extensive experience in open source management, having previously worked for Google and Microsoft.

Although Facebook has been criticized for its handling of privacy and politics, it makes use of error-free open source data.

Facebook makes an important contribution to several projects hosted by the Linux Foundation, such as: (Presto), (GraphQL), (Osquery) and (ONNX).

The company has also hired several Linux kernel developers and moderators. Additionally, Facebook can refer to several important open source projects, including:

  • (Facebook Connectivity) and the Open Source Communication Infrastructure Project (TIP), which provides fast and reliable internet services to disadvantaged people, and related open source projects (Magma) enable telecom operators to deploy cellular networks in regions of the world, which reduces the cost of reduces building And maintenance of communication networks.
  • Facebook has provided a unique dataset of more than 100,000 videos and launched the Deepfake Detection Challenge to accelerate the development of new ways to discover deepfake videos.
  • Make Data Well program is sharing geographic data to solve some of the world's biggest humanitarian problems, including the coronavirus.
  • Facebook is also committed to accelerating innovation in machine learning by creating (PyTorch).
  • React.js Facebook library provides a strong catalyst for many popular websites, and the library has become the standard for web development due to its simplicity and flexibility.
  • By working with (Github), Facebook hopes to create a trend to improve the skills of a new generation of diverse contributors to sponsor the first open-source distance scholarship for the Official Student Association Hackathon (MLH).
(Cathy Cam) about the Linux Foundation, he said: It supports the continued stability, resiliency, and scalability of the Linux system in nearly all aspects of modern computing and forms the backbone of some of Facebook's infrastructure, which is why we are why. We are glad to try our best to take care of the Linux Foundation.

She added, "The Linux Foundation has played a major role in the continued success of Linux and the wider open source ecosystem. Our mission on Facebook is to build the community and unite the world. In the future, keep Linux and everything open source for several years."

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