Google: Gmail combines four items into one
Google: Gmail combines four items into one

Google has launched a new version of Gmail that extends from email to a platform for video calling, chatting, and virtual rooms.

According to Google, Gmail now has four separate components: email, (room), (chat), and (meeting).

The two components (Chat) and (Meet) are Google's response to competitors such as (Zoom), (Slack Chat) and (Microsoft Teams).

Microsoft is working to improve its team's chat and video conferencing capabilities in order to better support remote and classroom work during a global pandemic, such as: B to ensure 49 people are shown on screen.

While working remotely at Google remains the norm for many office workers for the foreseeable future, Gmail seems like a logical platform for promoting bed and breakfasts, conversations, and gatherings.

Google is now rolling out a new built-in Gmail feature for G Suite web and Android users. The new format also applies to Apple (iOS) devices, but Google has not released a schedule.

Google said: This release allows you to open documents and share editing with the team without leaving Gmail. This way, you can work together perfectly in your workplace.

Google pledges that Gmail will maintain the same service that users know while using the chat component to send email to individuals and groups.

The rooms provided by the room component include chat, file, and sharing tasks to facilitate group work on the project. The Meet component is Google's answer to Zoom.

Plus, the update allows employees to open documents and collaborate without leaving Gmail. This makes Gmail a one-stop shop for employees (G Suite).

Google recently announced 11 new security features for Gmail, Chat, and Meet because the Meet host has more control over who can join the meeting and let the host decide how others can join the meeting.

According to Google, the main advantage of integrating Gmail with chat, video, and workspaces is to reduce switching between apps, better collaboration, and search for emails and conversations from one place.

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