Facebook removed a post by President Trump for the first time
Facebook removed a post by President Trump for the first time

Facebook confirmed that it had removed posts from the President of the United States (Donald Trump) for violating bad news guidelines. This is the first time the company has implemented a rule banning harmful language on any of Trump's posts.

This article is a video clip of Trump interviewing Fox and his friends on Fox News where the president claims that the child is almost immune to the Coronavirus, and this is incorrect.

The interview also included Trump's speech. He said in his speech: The aura virus will disappear. He also said that schools should be opened because the Corona virus will disappear like everything will disappear in the future.

A recent study by infectious disease experts at Chicago Children's Hospital found that despite the ongoing debate about whether children can transmit the Coronavirus to adults, children under the age of five carry much higher levels of the virus than adults.

The controversy surrounding the virus’s ability to spread among children is at the heart of the controversial plan to reopen schools in the United States. Many federal and local officials argue over how and how many classrooms in the United States will be reopened. 'The autumn.

In states like Georgia and Indiana, school districts that have reopened or are about to reopen have spikes in positive cases of coronavirus.

A Facebook spokesperson said: "The video contains false claims that a group of people are immune to the Coronavirus, which is inconsistent with our policy of misinformation regarding the Coronavirus."

It was reported that this position was the first on Facebook that Trump had deleted in recent months after the company refused to suppress Trump's position in late May, which included threats of military violence against protesters. .

Since then, Facebook removed Trump ads using Nazi photos and four-minute videos due to a DMCA copyright complaint and misleading videos that were misleading to harm CNN.

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