Twitter bans Trump campaign account from Twitter
Twitter bans Trump campaign account from Twitter

The Twitter platform has announced that it will temporarily prevent President Donald Trump's campaign account from sending tweets until a Tweet that violates Twitter's provisions regarding media misinformation with Corona virus is deleted.

A Twitter spokesperson said in a statement: The tweet violates Twitter's rules for misleading information about the Coronavirus, and the account owner must delete the tweet before sending it again.

President Donald Trump's campaign report appears to have deleted tweets that break the rules and tweet multiple times.

The tweet that caused the problem was a video of Trump's interview with Fox News, in which he falsely claimed that children were almost immune to the Coronavirus.

If you go directly to the Tweet, you will see a notification that the Tweet is no longer available. Because it violates the rules of Twitter.

President Trump also posted a link to a Tweet from his personal account, but the link now displays an error message: "An error occurred."

Facebook also removed a post from Trump's page on his platform containing a video in which Trump said that children are immune to corona virus for violating the misleading information guidelines.

Trump campaign spokeswoman Courtney Parella said that the president mentioned the fact that children are less likely to be infected with the Coronavirus and accused (Barrilla) Silicon Valley of bias against the president, saying: He did not judge the truth.

Twitter has shown an increased willingness to respond to news about Trump and his personalities, and has issued warnings in several messages over the past few weeks, covering topics from the vote to protests.

Last week, the platform imposed similar restrictions on the account of the president's son, Junior Donald Trump, who posted a video of doctors making false claims about a coronavirus treatment and saying people failed to need masks. To stop the spread of the virus.

Twitter said at the time: Some account features (including Twitter features) will be restricted for 12 hours.

In June, Twitter posted a warning sign on the president's tweets warning protesters that they would face serious challenges in trying to create an autonomous region in Washington, DC.

Twitter said: These tweets violated the company's policies on abusive behavior, especially the risk of harm to certain groups.

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