Facebook shares Myanmar data with the United Nations
Facebook shares Myanmar data with the United Nations

After the chief investigator said the company had evidence, Facebook said it had shared the data with UN investigators investigating international crimes in Myanmar.

A Facebook representative told Reuters that the company provided data from the independent investigation mechanism in Myanmar from military-related pages and accounts that the company removed in 2018 in an effort to end hate speech against the Rohingya. But he refused to describe its contents.

The delegate added, "As these investigations continue, we will continue to coordinate with them to provide relevant information during the investigation of international crimes in Myanmar."

When the military campaign against the Rohingya in 2017 forced 730,000 people to flee to Bangladesh, the Southeast Asian nation accused the genocide before the International Court of Justice.

Myanmar denies genocide and says its armed forces are taking legal action against activists who have attacked police stations.

The United Nations Human Rights Council established the Independent Investigative Mechanism (IIMM) in Myanmar in 2018 to collect evidence of international crimes in Myanmar.

According to UN investigators, Facebook has played a significant role in spreading hate speech that incites violence.

The company announced in 2018 that it had deleted 18 accounts and 52 pages related to the Burmese military, including that of the commander in chief, but kept the data.

The director of the Institute for International Migration Management told Reuters this month that despite a promise to work together, Facebook has not shared any evidence of serious international crimes with the Independent Investigative Mechanism in Myanmar (IIMM).

Yesterday, the director of the International Institute for Migration Management confirmed that the Independent Investigative Mechanism in Myanmar (IIMM) had received the first batch of data, some of which met the previous requirements.

"I hope this is another step towards a partnership that allows us to obtain vital evidence of serious international crimes," he said in an email to Reuters.

Facebook this month blocked an attempt by Gambia to bring a genocide case against Myanmar to the International Court of Justice in order to obtain jobs and contact details for military and police personnel in the Asian country.

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