Canada is actually moving to ban Huawei from 5G networks
Canada is actually moving to ban Huawei from 5G networks

Canada has taken active steps to prevent Huawei from using 5G networks. The move has been delayed long enough to force telecoms companies to block the Chinese equipment manufacturer.

Canada is the only member of the Five Eyes Intelligence Sharing network that Huawei has not formally banned the use of 5G networks, but it does.

This strategy enables Canada to position itself on the right side of China and the US in competition with Huawei.

Canada and its Five Eyes Network allies - the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia - are under pressure from the US to ban Huawei for security reasons.

Canada plans to bring next-generation equipment to the market for two years, ignoring signs of impatience in the industry.

In June, Canadian company Bell and rival Telus Corp, together with Swedish company Ericsson and Finnish company Nokia, created a 5G network. Although Huawei used 4G devices from a Chinese company, Huawei abandoned the project.

A source directly familiar with the approach taken by the liberal government led by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said: The lack of a solution will ultimately solve all problems.

Rogers Communications announced in 2018 that Ericsson would be using 5G.

Earlier this month, the Trump administration announced that it would tighten US restrictions on Huawei to limit purchases of commercial chips.

Canadian operators believe the US restrictions mean they have no choice but to block Huawei from 5G networks, at least for now.

In 2018, Australia and New Zealand banned service providers from using Huawei 5G devices.

Canada will certainly make a decision one day, but sources directly familiar with the government's thinking indicated that Ottawa had not reached a final conclusion and would not be looking for success, and officials were slow to come. Avoid the UK predicament.

The UK government announced last month that it would ban Huawei from using 5G networks by requiring companies to stop devices by 2027.

Navdeep Bains' office, Canada's Minister of Innovation, officially responsible for making decisions about Huawei and 5G, said in a statement that it could not comment on specific companies or set when to announce them.

Huawei said in a statement that it believed what Ottawa says: It takes time to make an informed decision.

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