Facebook wants to help troubled companies ... but Apple is preventing it
Facebook wants to help troubled companies ... but Apple is preventing it

Facebook on Friday announced the launch of a new events feature that would allow website owners, event planners, and companies struggling to create paid events online. Try to fill the void caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Facebook, the profits of the troubled company in the operating system (iOS) will decrease, and Facebook said: Apple refuses to waive the fees for the application store and does not allow Facebook to use its system for payments through the application. Keep most of the money they earn.

Facebook app president Fiji Simo said in a statement: We have asked Apple to cut taxes (the App Store) by 30% or allow us to make it available (Facebook Pay). Here's how we (COVID-19) can bear all the costs for a faltering business, but Apple rejected our request and only 70% of the hard-earned business revenue was paid.

“Next year at least, Facebook will not charge fees for paid online activities to support innovative and innovative companies,” Simo said.

Unlike Apple, Google will not bill for this feature through its Android app store, and Facebook said: For network and Android transactions in the country in which we started (Facebook Pay), the troubled company will prevent it from paying. 100% of the proceeds from the event. Online.

Simo stated that this policy will continue to apply. Since the pandemic has led to social disconnect, this feature is designed to help companies in the entertainment industry with the devastating economic impact of the virus. (COVID-19) lockdowns, music and events will once again try to make money. Waiting for public meeting places.

After settling Apple's fees, Facebook announced its intention to solve the issue of buying event tickets online on iOS and posted a message: Apple acquired 30% of the purchase.

Simo said: “When people support a company that is having trouble by understanding the business with difficulty, it's important to be transparent. When people pay $ 20 to do business online, they think all the money will be donated to local businesses, but it's actually 30%. With this money, you create a company with a market value of about 2 trillion dollars.

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