According to Google's plan Meet will replace Duo
According to Google's plan Meet will replace Duo

The report shows that Google plans to phase out the Google duo, which was originally a competitor to FaceTime, and switch to the video conferencing app Google Meet, which rivals Zoom in the same region.

With the end of classic Hangouts, the search giant now has two video calling apps. However, this is too much for this company. Therefore, there are plans to replace Google Duo with Google Meet.

The move stems from the fact that Google has placed consumer communications services - two-way, messaging, and Android mobile apps - under the direction of Javier Soltero, head of the G Suite platform.

After Soltero announced creating a unified team in May, he made it clear to employees that the coexistence of Google Duo and Google Meet was meaningless.

After the emergence of working from home and working remotely, Google took active steps to make the application (Google Meet) a competitor to the program (Zoom), and just like (Google Duo), the application (Google Meet) became free for everyone to use and search for the same market.

Due to the interest (of Google Meet), Google decided to use the service as a comprehensive video calling service for regular and corporate clients.

Internally, the work is described as a combination of two services, hence the code name for the work is (Duet) - a combination of (Google Duo) and (Google Meet).

(Duet) includes the integration of certain features of (Google Duo) in (Google Meet), including: end-to-end encryption, 3D effects, and visual communication with users over the phone.

A few years after its launch on the market (Google Duo in 2016), Google is supposed to plan out (Google Duo).

According to sources, in the era of social distancing, interest in Google Duo has decreased, while the use of Google Meet has increased, becoming the first choice for teachers, students and professionals.

By combining services, Google can focus on a feature-rich video service for business customers and customers.

As Google continues to work (Google Duo) until Google Meet is improved, this transition is expected within the next two years.

In response to this information, Google issued the following statement: We have fully invested (Google Duo), the company has experienced incredible growth during the outbreak, and people around the world depend on video calls more than ever before, and we are not. Do not intend to stop him. This situation.

She said, "We will continue to invest in developing new features (Google Duo) and providing an enjoyable experience for our users, customers and partners. We are looking for ways to improve our video communication products."

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