Google: Android limits third-party camera apps
Google: Android limits third-party camera apps

Google said that due to spying issues on the site, the Android operating system tends to restrict third-party camera apps.

Google is making changes to Android 11. Although users choose other camera apps (for example (OpenCamera)), they hope to use the phone's built-in camera app as the default photo option.

The Android development team wrote: We believe this is the way to go to protect user privacy, adding that the app that launches the camera should clearly identify which third-party camera app to consider. the shipment.

Many camera features still use the old fashioned way, and the changes are consistent with the way the iPhone's camera works, as Apple this year introduced alternative default settings for external apps like iPhone apps. Email and browser.

Two of the most famous third-party camera app developers said: Google's decision looks awkward, and they fear the decision will affect the work of adding screws to external camera apps.

Depending on the change, you can still open and use the external camera app directly by clicking on the icon on the home screen.

You can still take pictures with the built-in camera apps of popular apps like Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Instagram.

Google has confirmed that you can click the power button or a similar shortcut at any time to launch the camera app of your choice.

These apps can also run any camera app you want, but you won't be able to import photos or videos this way.

Whenever Android apps want to use a user's camera app instead of their own camera app, they now go directly to the user's phone's built-in camera app instead of giving them an option.

Google is concerned about apps that may require images. As a result, they have secretly updated their developer guidelines to clarify your site.

When taking a photo, it is sometimes geotagged with the GPS coordinates of the captured image. Even if you don't give the original app permission to access the site, an app other than Camera can steal the photo using the camera app.

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