One UI 2.5 brings Note 20 features to the Galaxy S20
One UI 2.5 brings Note 20 features to the Galaxy S20

Samsung has announced that the latest version of the user interface (One UI 2.5), which was released earlier this month with the (Galaxy Note 20), is coming to the product line (Galaxy S20).

The update has reportedly been released in some European countries, including Italy, Hungary, Portugal, the Netherlands and Germany. (Galaxy S20 5G), (Galaxy S20 Plus 5G) and (Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G) are said to be the first to get this update. One of the states.

Firmware will be sent to other market soon and LTE models of these phones should be updated as soon as possible.

The company does not want (Galaxy S20) owners to wait long to discover all the new features and improvements that have been included in the latest release of the special version of the Android interface.

The Galaxy S20 series is the first product to receive the One UI 2.5 update. Samsung has started releasing firmware versions (G981BXXU4BTH5), (G986BXXU4BTH5) and (G988BXXU4BTH5).

UI 2.5 provides many functions of Galaxy Note 20 to S20 series. With DeX wireless basic support, you can display your phone screen on a supported TV and use it as a touchpad, which is the most interesting of these features. .

The camera also contains two new features. For example, the advanced Pro Video mode can now control the direction of the smartphone's microphone and you can manually switch between the different microphones on the phone so that you can record specific sounds while recording.

In conjunction with the Galaxy Buds, you can use headphones as a professional microphone to reduce background noise and record clear audio.

The camera supports 8K video recording at 24 frames per second, and has the function of changing the recording time for a single image.

The Notes app has been updated so that it can now sync recordings with written notes and import and write PDF files, making it easy to view and edit documents on the go.

You can also use Android 10's navigation gestures in a third-party launcher.

You can also share network data wirelessly with other Galaxy devices via One UI 2.5.

Samsung said: As of August 21, it has released a new update for the Galaxy S20 but has not provided any details on any country / region.

In addition to the (Galaxy S20) series, the update has gradually arrived on other well-known Samsung phones, including (Galaxy S10) and (Galaxy Note 10), in addition to recent Samsung foldable phones such as: (Galaxy Fold) and (Galaxy Z Flip) 5g). As the company said.

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