Google forced OnePlus to cancel the Fortnite deal
Google forced OnePlus to cancel the Fortnite deal

Epic Games claimed that Google had forced the phone maker OnePlus to end its deal with Fortnite.

(Epic Games) filed a lawsuit against Google to remove Fortnite from the Android app store (Google Play) and previously filed a lawsuit against Apple.

According to reports (Epic Games), Fortnite's contract with OnePlus was to see a special version of the Fortnite launcher originally installed on OnePlus phones.

The game maker also claimed that Google has urged LG, another Android phone maker, to drop any plans to do so.

(Epic Games) said after the search giant expressed concern about (Epic Games) ability to bypass the Android app store (Google Play), Google forced OnePlus to withdraw from the Fortnite deal.

(Epic Games) also claimed that its first transaction with OnePlus will make the operator available globally, but Google is asking OnePlus to implement its agreement with (Epic Games) only for mobile devices sold in India.

The game maker stated that Google prevented LG from installing the app (Epic Games) on LG devices first because LG signed a contract with Google to block sideloading from the Google Play Store this year.

(Epic Games) said, unless Google prohibits such transactions, the studio can negotiate with manufacturers to offer Fortnite and other games (Epic Games) directly to consumers without Google's anti-competitive restrictions.

After apparently resolving these deals, Epic Games abandoned and finally launched Fortnite on the Google Play Store in April, using other Fortnite features with OnePlus.

(Epic Games) has introduced a new payment mechanism that allows players to pay directly in game currency (Epic Games). Once Google removes its game from the store, it is still possible to pay for using Google's payment mechanism. But the price is higher.

Epic Games' complaint to Google alleges that the company violated the California Sherman Act and the Cartwright Act by monopolizing the Google Play Store payment system.

Apple removed Fortnite from the app store for reasons similar to Google, and (Epic Games) filed a lawsuit against the iPhone maker, accusing him of similar complaints against Google over Epic Games' laughing at Apple's famous "1984 year" advertisement.

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