Snapchat adds a special lens to the Tik Tok Dance Challenge
Snapchat adds a special lens to the Tik Tok Dance Challenge

Snapchat developer Snapchat has updated its platform called Lens Studio to allow artists and developers to create specialized lenses (the company uses the term augmented reality experience) to improve whole-body tracking. .

The company has developed two models, full-body triggers and full-body accessories, so that different effects can be triggered depending on the user's operation.

As shown in the tutorial video, this includes short clips that change the default elements and play animations.

Previously, developers could use the skeleton model to track eight points on the torso, while the new model could track 18 points, including the user's knee and ankles.

Dance videos popular on many social platforms like YouTube and Instagram are an obvious application for these new developer tools.

However, the massive success of TikTok and the emergence of a new coronavirus (which is forcing a lot of people to stay home and find new entertainment options) encouraged people to create more dance videos.

Snapchat hopes to support this trend with new tools for artists and developers.

If you don't want to download Lens Studio, Snapchat has released four special lenses made by TikTok stars: (Star Burst), (Be You), (Alone) and (Be Happy). Try it now.

Since all of Snap's influencer partners at these points of interest are TikTok stars, the company has tacitly stated: It wants people to dance to these goals and use them for such common challenges within TikTok.

The Lens Studio update follows the company's slow and steady long-term growth, as Snapchat had 238 million daily active users in the last quarter, up 35 million year-over-year. else.

Improving the Spectacles model, the company launched an app platform called Snap Minis, and responded to rival Tik Tok by making deals with music companies and allowing users to share their stories on other platforms. -To pose.

Snapchat is referred to as a place for creativity, not a place to share. Snap has been a camera company for years. These goals and other initiatives (like the Snap Camera desktop app) are examples of this point.

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