Halvor ... maybe Google's next Pixelbook
Halvor ... maybe Google's next Pixelbook

A new Chromebook called Halvor appears to be the next Google Pixelbook.

Although the most important feature of any Google manufacturing event is always the latest Pixel phones, Google has also been making laptops since the Chromebook Pixel in 2013.

Google's Chromebook has always been out of reach for Chrome OS and has led to improvements from other device manufacturers.

(Pixel Slate) paved the way for other (Chrome OS) tablets such as (Lenovo Chromebook Duet), and (Pixelbook Go) is the current leader in high quality Chromebooks on a mid-range budget. .

Therefore, users are still waiting anxiously for the next Google Chromebook to appear and appear in the store.

A report released this week stated that Google's upcoming Chromebook could be found through a device codenamed Halvor.

Google Chromebook is characterized by attention to detail and high-quality design and design ideas. These ideas are very attractive and have proven themselves.

The main reason people think the device codename (Halvor) is a new Chromebook that Google bought because of a recent icon change that added smart key support to the computer from the Google Assistant.

So far, only three Chromebooks and three keyboards have included the Google Assistant key. Aside from Google itself, no other Chromebook manufacturer offers this key.

If you change another icon, Halvor keyboard uses the same top line layout as (Pixelbook Go) which is somewhat similar to the original Pixelbook and Pixel Slate.

The main difference between this and other Chromebooks is that it includes an on / off switch between the brightness button and the volume button.

There was a problem with the company that was responsible for designing and developing the device in partnership with Google, as Quanta Computer designed all of Google's Chromebooks including the Pixelbook Go.

In contrast, Compal has designed Halvor based on an email address that contains a large number of code changes that Chromebooks have made in the past of companies like Dell and Lenovo.

Google may change the company responsible for designing and developing the device to Halvor, but background information is not yet available.

The computer code name (Halvor) is based on the motherboard named (Volteer) and uses the next generation of Intel 11th processors (Tiger Lake). For comparison, Pixelbook Go and Pixel Slate use this generation of Intel (Amber Lake) processors. eight.

The computer has a touch screen keyboard and mouse in addition to a touch screen (meaning Pixelbook Go) or a computer, like the original Pixelbook, that can also be converted into a tablet.

Two types of RAM can be used, and reports indicate that there should be a model with 16GB of RAM.

The device has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Unlike any other Chromebook on the market today, Halvor has three (USB-C) ports, making it an efficient class of laptop.

In addition to the Pixel Slate, Google has released new devices (Chrome OS) every two years since 2013. In that order, Google's new Chromebook isn't expected until next year.

Intel has not officially announced or released its 11th generation (Tiger Lake) series of processors.

While there are rumors that this news will be released next month, Chromebooks in general will not be the first devices to use a new generation of processors.

He believes the development of Halvor is still in its infancy as Google is currently working on important work such as keyboard layout and bundling together. The new computer is expected to hit the market in 2021.

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